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The iPhone could have an adapter to USB-C in Europe

One of the main criticisms that Apple has been getting with the passage of time on European soil, is the fact of refusing to adopt the Community initiatives in the field of unification of connectors. And it is that we cannot deny that the accessories are an important part of the Cupertino company’s business, and not just from now. However, the extreme globalisation and pressures facing the new device from the company, suggest that in the box of the next iPhone could find a new adapter, more specifically of Lightning to USB-C.

From 2012, when Apple decided to change the 30 pin connector by the Lightning, right in full spate of microUSB, this dispute with us. And it is that manufacturers quickly realized the need to unify the type of connection of load with the intention of benefiting the consumer.

In fact, the European Commission has remained firm in its proposal to unify all possible on the C-USB connection systems, something that even the Cupertino company has understood in the MacBooks.

But according to Blayne Curtis, Barclays analyst, Apple has thought back on it comes to the Lightning, but rather will make a patch during the year 2017 with the arrival of the future iPhone, the solution is to add an adapter of Lightning to USB-C in the case of the iPhone sold in Europe. m this news comes just after the rumor that Apple may include a power adapter and a charging cable compatible with USB-C in the iPhone box.

Us this also sounds pretty far, Apple likes between little and nothing let sell cables and accessories. Although a succession of this type of adapters, as the USB-C Jack 3,5,mm, seem more like a patch that an alternative.

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