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Facebook is developing an application for the Apple TV oriented to those videos

Again Mark Zuckerberg platform still copying the competition in place launch new innovative features. In this occasion for the engineers of Facebook are working in an application compatible with the set-top boxes, as the Apple TV, according to says The Wall Street Journal. Facebook wants to offer a new type of exclusive content from its video platform to add another source of income. Remember that Twitter worked with Apple to launch an application for the Apple TV designed for broadcast of NFL games between other types of content, so again the idea of Facebook is to copy its small rival social networks.

Anonymous sources who are working on this project claim that Facebook wants to immerse your head in the world of TV offering premium content, content that you could share and display from the application for mobile phones or set-top boxes. He daily says that Facebook is interested in issue videos of more than 10 minutes of duration created specifically for the network social and that is focus in those sports and shows of television.

The social network wants to put a dent in the time Americans spend daily to watch the television, four hours, offering different content and quality.

In recent years, Apple has been investing in its video platform, promoting short videos as well as capabilities to stream live video from any place where we are. After these years of experience, the network social is willing to give the great leap that is begin to offer content of quality own or bought, in addition to offer a programming daily. This application could exit to the market along this year, since Facebook leads working in it something more than six months.

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