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The Apple Watch broke its record historical of sales during the last quarter

Ventas del Apple Watch arribaNothing more lift me this morning I read a tweet that said: “friends of it technology, is time of recognize that the Apple Watch is a success”. Personally not would say both, or of be so Tim Cook and company would give figures of sales of its watch intelligent, but that there is that recognize that, from its put to the sale in April of 2015, the Apple Watch has gone climbing their sales each time more.

As already know if want read news iPhone, yesterday day 31 of January Apple gave a wheel of press in which spoke of their last quarter fiscal, a balance in which them of Cupertino reported of a new record of benefits. That record contributed, as expected, regained health iPhone and, among other things, a new record of benefits achieved by Apple Watch, which suggests that the Apple clock sold very well in the Christmas season.

Tim Cook: “the demand of the Apple Watch was so strong in Christmas that no could make them enough”.

After the last balance sheet and as always, Tim Cook spoke of the last quarter, making Apple Watch Christmas demand was “so strong” that Apple “could not do enough”, suggesting that they asked for more than that could manufacture. Could think that this is something similar to what is happening with them AirPods if not outside because them headphones wireless of Apple are in a first generation and its production is more slow of what should be manufacture a device that saw by first time in September of 2014.

Since the first fiscal balance in which Apple Watch data collected and until yesterday, the Cupertino clock is stuck within a section “Other” that saw its profits fell 8 per cent compared to the previous year. In this section “Other” also includes the Apple TV, iPod, Beats products and other accessories as the AirPods. The benefits of this section fell from 4.350 M last year to the 4$. 020M$ this year and part of the blame could have it Apple TV.

Luca Maestri confirmed in the Financial Times that Apple TV sales fell over the last year, something logical if we consider that in 2015 was launched the fourth generation of the set-top box from Apple and that, although they had released the fifth generation last year, we are talking about a device that is not necessary to renew as soon.

In any case, what is true is that Apple Watch is in good health, despite who despite.

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