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Hey Siri, would Apple do you?

The arrival of Siri to the iPhone was certainly one of them steps that more called the attention in his time and that more have seen mentioned year after year since then. However, despite its apparent omnipresence, seems that them steps given lately by Apple in what to his assistant virtual is concerns are far from be as large as them of others assistants more recent, especially Alexa, property of Amazon.

The company’s Jeff Bezos is doing a spectacular job that everybody knows about its Amazon Echo, designed products to be home and forming the Alexa operations center at this time. Or, rather, were, since Alexa is expanding his domains to the products of other manufacturers.

With a best recognition of them themes of conversation, a tone of voice more real and, in general, skilled to perform more functions that Siri, Alexa seems to be positioning is as the Assistant virtual that any would like to in its House. Although still is for that, not can tell that go by bad road, since within the frame of the CES that is is celebrating these days in them Vegas, already have seen several products of companies external to Amazon that have worked with them to take Alexa to their own products.

It can Apple plans for near future also pass by licensing Siri, in such a way that other manufacturers can incorporate in their products and thus, little by little, improve their characteristics. Makes not much, Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, said that one of their main focuses in this future was focus is in the intelligence artificial, although not know in what sense. What is clear is that something must be done so that Siri is not left behind in the market of virtual assistants, re-ilusione to their former users and ilusione to new ones.

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