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‘Hours popular’ function comes to the Google Maps app for iOS

If something is marked Google is as a source – almost – endless information. That is why that increasingly more people use the company’s dedicated services still being able to choose among others available, and perhaps this is the case of the native implementation of maps and Google itself from now on. And it is that, while it is true that Apple maps have greatly improved in recent times, they are functions like that its counterpart of the competition that end up making a difference today incorporates.

From now on, in Google Maps for iOS app you can access to a function that perhaps you’ve already used several times in the web version, which takes time to be available, but that shows for the first time in its version for mobile devices from Apple.

Under the same name which were already used, ‘Popular hours’ will show relevant information about the influx of people to a particular local segmented by hours and days, so we can better plan our visit to this establishment. In addition, an extra function – which is not available in all the local–will be able to show us the influx of customers in real time, so we know exactly what the current situation that we find if we are there.

This feature will be of great assistance and especially noticeable when we visit other cities or want to know more approaches premises that we not visit of frequent form, avoiding problems due to excess of clientele at a given time. Therefore, although the application of maps of Apple remains very comfortable resulting in many moments, in addition to offering us a better integration with the system, the balance seems to follow tilted permanently on the side of Google.

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