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Applications can change icon in iOS 10.3

iOS 10.3 continues to much with its long list of new features, and gradually we will know more details of the possibilities that will offer the next update that is now available as a first Beta only for developers. Developers are precisely those who will benefit most from this next version, because in addition to the new API for the review of applications in the App Store, Apple also offered the opportunity with this new version of creating several icons for your applications that may be changing as they require without having to release a new update in the Apple app store. Although it may seem somewhat unimportant, it gives many possibilities.

So far only two applications have the privilege of offering dynamic icons: calendar and clock, both from Apple. The first always shows the day in which we find ourselves, and the second is changing in real time showing us always accurate time, second-by-second. Much has been said in the past the possibility of that Apple would offer dynamic icons, and various tweaks Cydia have been very successful by offering this possibility in applications such as the weather, but the reality is that so far this has not reached never happen.

But still we do not know in detail how it will operate, it seems that developers may include multiple icons in an application, and this may be changing them as it may consider appropriate. Details that we know are how many Max icons can be added, how often it can be changed, and if the user must perform some type of interaction or not. Possibilities offered by this? Calendar applications showing us the day in which we find ourselves, games with different icons for free and paid, applications with icons different according to the season of the year, weather applications showing the current conditions… You will have to wait to see what can take advantage of this new feature the developers.

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