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In another order of betas, tvOS 10.2 comes Beta 4 to developers

As you know, Apple remains strong in its decision to go to releasing betas of iOS and macOS, however, these do not come alone, normally watchOS and tvOS quickly joined the party. Apple has managed to maintain a catalog of four operating systems that seem sometimes to one, but are developed separately with the intention of improving performance in the appliance which are run as much as possible, and that is quite well. Fourth-generation Apple TV is postulated as a reference for media centers, and much of the blame the software has it. The latest development in this regard is tvOS 10.2 in its fourth beta, coming just when harder sounds like a possible Jailbreak.

As you know, iTunes is the tool that all makes it for the Apple devices, so if you want to try the betas of tvOS must download it from the Apple Developer website and install it on your Apple TV through the USB-C that offer us, as it would to install a beta in any other device as for example iOS.

The truth is that the beta releases are always like a big secret, have supposedly improved the way we do scroll within our Apple TV, an important way of making navigation more comfortable. To activate this new mode of navigation we have to do a long Siri remote slide and it will be activated automatically, and is that the GUI is perhaps the key to the success of this device.

Further, the rest of the note is dedicated to the typical improvements of performance and optimization of the system, what if we can anticipate is that the Jailbreak for tvOS 10.1 is close enough according to rumors arising on American web sites, you know, when the river sounds, water carries.

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