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YouTube Announces own TV service streaming for $ 35 per month

The convergence between traditional and new media digital media is a fact that is intensifying for years. Each time is more common to watch TV on the computer or mobile devices, and surf the internet from the televisions. And if anyone had any doubt about YouTube, a service now 100 hundred online, announces the creation of a new own TV streaming service, confirming thus the previous rumors that the company intended to launch its own service to transmit both the traditional television content and their own online content.

YouTube moves to the payment and streaming TV

In an event which was held in the city of Los Angeles (California, United States), YouTube has officially announced the creation of its own television streaming service. Very similarly to other companies and services like Sling TV, PlayStation Vue, etc, new YouTube streaming TV service will allow subscribers access the content of TV on demand networks.

In a statement published on the own blog from YouTube, the company explained and justified his plans for the creation of YouTube TV, a service for users who want to “see what they want, when they want, as you want to, without compromises”:

There is no doubt that people love television, from sports live breaking news, comedies and dramas. But the truth is that there are many limitations on how watch TV today. Unlike the video online, people can not watch TV when you want, on any screen and its terms, without compromise. Consumers have made it clear that they want to live all these hassle TV. They don’t want to worry about filling your DVR. They don’t want to lose a big game or your favorite program because they are moving. Tell us that want television to look more to YouTube.

Well, we have good news! We’re bringing the best of the experience of YouTube for live television. To do this, we have worked closely with our network and affiliate partners to evolve the television in the way that we see today.

Known YouTube TV. It is a TV Live designed for the YouTube generation: those who want to see what they want, when they want, as they want, without compromise.

Still not been made public too many details about this new offering from YouTube however, because we know that a single subscription to the platform will allow the creation of up to six accounts / profiles that will operate independently (in the style of Netflix) so that different members of the household can enjoy experience custom receiving suggestions and accessing programs series, movies, documentaries that most interest them.

Continuing with these few but interesting details revealed so far, YouTube has also reported that the price of the service will be $ 35 a month, which will give access to the major networks such as NBC, ABC, CBS and FOX, and “around 30 of the biggest cable channels”.

At its inception, YouTube TV kicks off with remarkable lack of content

As they find experts know you American audiovisual panorama, the new service of YouTube TV includes big names in the cable TV in the country however, kicks off with significant absences. Thus, the streaming service will not have Viacom channels, among which are some so successful within and outside United States as Comedy Central or MTV. Nor will offer content from channels such as CNN, TNT or TBS Turner Broadcasting. Also missing A + and Network, AMC Networks and Discovery Communications.

As already have deduced, YouTube TV is only available in the United States , however, we assume that the plans of the company are not limited to this market and it will start, if it has not done so already, to negotiate to expand into other territory. That is go prepared when you arrive in Spain and touch him to negotiate.

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