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iOS 10.3 urges users to enable two-factor authentication

While Apple continues to develop and launch new betas of iOS 10.3, users that are part of the beta program can try firsthand innovations that arrive within a few weeks in its final version when this version is available for all users. Recently more 24 hours, many are the users that they are receiving a notice that urged them to enable two-factor authentication, an authentication that increases the security of data stored on our account with the credit card that is associated with.

This notice offers us two options, view or delete. If we choose to delete it, this notification will reappear within a few hours, reminding us to activate it. If we have decided that time activate this type of additional security, we can go to settings. Just below our account details from iCloud, appears a new menu called two factor authentication, where we will have to press to start the activation process.

Two-factor authentication is a function of additional security for our Apple designed to ensure that only we are with our devices that can access all the photographs, documents, and information that we have stored in iCloud ID. Whenever we introduce our ID’s Apple and your password for the first time in a new device, Apple will ask us to verify our identity with a six-digit verification code.

This code will automatically be displayed on your other devices or will be sent to the telephone number that you have associated with the account. You only have to enter the code to login and access your information from your new device. Once we have entered the code will not have to re-enter it on your device unless you session shut down completely, delete your device or have to change the password for security reasons.

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