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It makes the silence in the service of attention to the client of Jawbone

Jawbone Up3 Move

Quantifier bracelets and exercise measuring devices are not in their best times. With a declining interest in this type of wearables, which in the best of cases end up forgotten in a drawer gathering dust, there are several companies dedicated to the manufacture of these gadgets that are in trouble.

Although Jawbone – one of the best known for having launched into the market in recent years praised by different devices, media from around the world-denies that is going to leave this business, the truth is that the latest news that have come in recent months about the company are not exactly encouraging.

After several layoffs, the departure of its chief financial officer and an attempt to purchase by its rival and archenemy Fitbit, the last thing we’ve known the company is now seems to have stopped its service to the customer. And say that “seems” because not there is confirmation official, but the reality is that the company has left of make case to them way of contact to solve problems with their different devices. Or the own service telephone, or by mail, or in social networks. Nothing.

This is perhaps the most frustrating part of the story. Is not the first case of a company that leaves in the lurch customers (already saw it recently with Pebble, when – if – was acquired by Fitbit), but we must recognize that a confirmation giving low service is much better that be waiting for an answer that may never arrive. We do not know what will end all this, but what we cannot deny is that things in everything concerning to Jawbone are too rare. It is not that we want to kill anyone until this announce his own death, but…

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