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No, iOS 10.2.1 neither fixes the issues with the iPhone battery

Batería iPhone 6s

The batteries of mobile devices are probably the part of hardware that causes more headaches to the departments of engineering of large companies. And it is that at the end they are the part of devices is degraded and more affected by software problems. Some batteries that are having enough trouble in many iPhones

As well, in the official support channels of the guys at Apple, Apple promised that bug fixes with the next version of iOS, iOS 10.2.1 would, but turned to check that these errors are still present in a multitude of iDevices…

And many will be among all those users that you see as your iPhone is turned off when you reach 30% battery, and already we tell it not only can happen with the iPhone 6s that are currently within a battery replacement program in order to correct these errors. I personally know several people with iPhone 6 with these same problems. And is that these problems are widespread enough and seems to be the origin of all in the release of iOS 10.1 in last October.

The strange thing is that in some cases the batteries go from 30% 1% available battery before shutting off, connect the iPhone to a charger battery again to show that it is 30% of capacity. iOS 10.2 seems that it has aggravated these problems, and iOS 10.2.1 continues along the same line… Apple already has 125 pages on this topic in the support forum so that should put solutions to a problem that seems is spreading for many users. Will see as solve these problems, a problem quite important that in principle should solve is via software, that Yes, only us is wait, if going to an Apple Store only you will give the solution of change you them batteries paying by some new.

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