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Jony Ive talks about that the MacBook Pro does not have screen touch


MacBook Pro presented a week ago is bringing enough tail, and is that just after Microsoft submit their Surface Studio with touch capabilities, became Apple and presented around a MacBook Pro with many new features, but without a touchscreen. Of hit has emerged a need that not existed, now the people want screens touch, although the reality seems quite different. It is Jony Ive, famed designer of Apple, has come to the fore to speak about the touch of the MacBook Pro, no-pantalla and why Apple not took into account these possibilities before creating it.

Jony Ive got to the fore at CNET (on the link you can read the full interview) and answered about why there is no touch screen on MacBook Pro:

We have not included the touch screen for a number of practical reasons. Actually don’t even want to talk much about that (between laughter).

So it was as Jony Ive started to Dodge questions about the touchscreen in the MacBook Pro, though you don’t have to be an artist to do so, the reality is that macOS is not a system adapted to a touch interface. Also took advantage of the interview to talk about the intense development and system of engineering that there is behind the Touch Bar, the true protagonist of the new MacBook Pro.

In addition, it told how hard that was to bring an idea into a prototype, and this prototype to a fully functional system as the of the Touch Bar. Although to be honest, the designer of Apple did not want to explain the why not convert the screen of your MacBook on a touch screen.

Simply, it has merely comment that the Touch Bar is the system that grew out of the need to change the way in which users interact with OS naturally, although it seems that it is rather a dribble to the touch screen, which on the other hand, it makes no sense in the MacBook.

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