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London Selfridges store, dedicated to the Apple Watch, also check the closing

Selfridges cerradaAccording to all the analysis, Apple Watch is the smart watch better selling market. Apple got launch a device with a great design to which is you can install all type of applications and that, attached to almost all it’s the Apple is sells well, have contributed to its success. But the Cupertino clock has gone through better moments, at least as far as sales are concerned, or that makes us think the fact London Selfridges has taken the closestore.

As MacRumors published yesterday, Selfridges Apple Watch store no longer appears in the list of physical stores of Apple in London, which likely means that no longer available because Tim Cook and company have decided to close the establishment. This is the second store of the Apple Watch that them of Cupertino close in very little time, what is reason of speculation about if the sales of the smartwatch of Apple enjoy of good health or not.

Selfridges Apple Watch no longer appears as the Apple store in London

The gallery that already not appears as an of the stores physical of Apple in London was up practically since the Apple Watch is put to the sale in April of 2015. It seems, the closing of the first shops dedicated to the Apple smart clock is not official recognition that they were wrong to open them, neither more nor less. Initially, Apple wanted to sell “his most personal device” as a fashion accessory, reason why he decided to promote it in shops devoted to it, but it seems that they forgot something: not entered in to an Apple store to see an only product; We went to see all they have. And if the iPhone, that is the device more important of the company, not has its stores own, would why thought that the stores for the Apple Watch were to operate? Or that I think I.

For rating more possibilities, another reason by which Apple could be closing these stores is that count with this, i.e., that its intention out promote the Apple Watch in their first months of life in their shops own so it knew and now that already know much of it not on necessary. Although while I am writing this not leave of thinking in that not has much sense.

Apple also will close this month a store similar in Paris, the of Lafayette, by what seems that not there March back. It more likely is that the next model of the clock of the Apple only are band in Apple Stores normal.

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