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Medium launches its own ‘Stories’ because we had not already sufficient

Love to me, as to so many other people, write in Medium. And I love writing there because it is the platform that has managed to combine simplicity in the creation and publication of texts with appropriate dissemination within a community of readers. Discover new stories, read and recommend them is also a pleasure due to the interface that will show us. However, the latest news and changes give much to think about their future.

Weeks after learning the downsizing at the company and on completion of the community Medium in Spanish – responsible for curing content in Spanish and give greater visibility to texts that are now lost-, reached both the app and the web version the major update in a long time. She makes public a feature that had been time tested between some selected users and that everyone is already familiar: under the name of ‘Series’, Medium brings the seen on Snapchat concept and property of Facebook applications.

Medium Series comes to be the interpretation of consuming that we saw first in Snapchat and then in Instagram, Facebook or WhatsApp quick and short stories. A place in which create light tell one something more visually common articles of the platform. The main problem with this is that users will begin to be saturated with so many stories, cannot – or want to – be aware of another source more. To this must be added to that Medium has so good articles and so many great authors that few will be the reasons to invest our time seeing these stories instead of reading any of them. I have no doubt that they are an interesting narrative, but not for this platform.

The new feature comes late and with less attractive options to those offering Instagram or Snapchat, for example, in which we can draw, add filters or insert ‘stickers’. The social factor also disappears, since they are not the stories of our friends or acquaintances that we see, decreasing interest and interaction, which is essential in this content. Medium does not pass through his Prime and I don’t know what can be the key to obtain a best platform in the future, but what if am sure is that this does not pass by additives such as ‘Series’.

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