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Spotify reaches 50 million users premium

Music streaming services are part of our day to day. Who does not listen to journal your favorite music? Da same as system use: Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Amazon Prime Music, Play Music… everyone consumes music daily. Most of these services offer a premium service with certain advantages over the free versions. For Spotify, the music is higher sound quality and offers the possibility to download the themes in the devices. Today, this service has announced via Twitter that he has 50 million users premium.

Spotify is going everywhere while Apple Music goes slowly

Thank you to our 50 million subscribers. #Spotify50

-Spotify (@Spotify) March 2, 2017

This has been the message posted on Twitter that Spotify has announced that they are already more than 50 million people with a premium subscription of its music streaming service, well above the 20 million that Apple Music currently has. It is clear that Apple music service is very young (started out at the beginning of 2015), while green giant has been collecting users for more than 7 years.

Although the subscription plans are very similar, the statistics show us that Spotify grows very fast, while the growth of the service of the great manzanaes much more gradual. In addition, the latest reports are running that Spotify would be thinking about increasing the quality of the music we hear (CD quality) by adding a plus to the Premium subscription, which would be a plus for those who prefer to listen to great sound quality music.

Now it is turn to move tab: Apple will have to redesign its service mechanics to make it more attractive to “steal” users to Spotify, which has the hard job to keep those faithful to a service every day using large numbers of people, 50 million users only have to look at the statistics.

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