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OnePlus and Meizu are hunted faking your Benchmarks results

Meizu M2 Note

The measurement of power, that useless capacity that have some users to justify the purchase of a device based on the brute power that it is able to offer. However, these benchmarks have shown on many occasions insufficient to establish limits on the capabilities of the devices. Especially, when this scenario is being adulterated continuously, companies such as Samsung and LG already were hunted in their day with similar practices, the latest in joining this hall of dubious fame are Oneplus and Meizu, because Yes, there still are who gives value to these results.

The curious thing about all this, is not yet getting dethrone the leader. Get in position, these are the most powerful devices in the market according to “benchmarks”:

  1. iPhone 7 Plus
  2. iPhone 7
  3. LeEco Pro3
  4. Xiaomi 5s Plus
  5. Smartisan M1l
  6. Xiaomi 5s
  7. OnePlus 3
  8. Live Xplay5
  9. Samsung Galaxy Note 7
  10. LeEco Max2

Interestingly the Meizu is not in this list, however, is a little des updated, more specifically a couple of months. However, come to the fore OnePlus model 3 and 3T (present in the listing) and Meizu model Pro 6.

In short, has been once again the Forum of XDA-Develpers who have taken letters on the issue to expose all these untruths companies committed with the intention of justifying the price of its devices. In this way, the boys from XDA will have noticed that OnePlus 3 and Meizu Pro 6 processors constantly inflating the results of this type of analysis of residing, in the case of the OnePlus for example, displaying powers 0, upper 98GHz works that regularly, logically, since the battery would fly in any case It could even affect the stability of the device overheating issues.

In short, we can not be surprised too, especially when the Meizu Pro 6 is little more than a decal of the iPhone, with the camera in the center of the back.

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