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YouTube integrates more and better with Chromecast through iPhone

Fact is that the Chromecast is the best companion for many evenings show and film, however, the possibilities of the Chromecast on iOS are slightly smaller than we can find in Android, above all because lacks of PiP (issue directly via streaming iPhone screen). However, will gradually adding more capabilities to our iOS that make more attractive the purchase of this device devices. Recently YouTube has been more integrated and better with Chromecast through the iPhone, allowing you to perform more actions from the lock screen, and above all, by adding features to our Apple Watch.

Thus, application of YouTube has recently updated the IOS App Store, despite this, you won’t find anything in the notes of the update, where only we can read “we’ve fixed several bugs and improved stability”, however, these functions that you are commenting are totally new and they were not available before the update.

With this, we want to say that after this upgrade of YouTube, now we can control the content of the same when we are relaying it through the Chromecast and have locked iPhone/iPad. But not it will stay only in iOS lock screen, as it could not be otherwise, this novelty is moved almost automatically to the smart watch Cupertino company. The section “now playing” from the Apple Watch will also allow us to modify the parameters of reproduction as well as the volume directly from the watch.

In this way, we can use YouTube as our music player at home leveraging the Chromecast integration capabilities and products after this last update iOS. If you want to know more this device, we bring you here an analysis that we did in his day with all the details. .

YouTube - ve y comparte vídeos y música (AppStore Link)
YouTube – see and share videos and music

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