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Pixelmator available in the App Store for less than a euro

Every week we inform you about applications that are available for download for free for a limited time, or applications that are temporarily available for purchase at a significant discount. In this occasion, you inform of the important discount that currently us offers it application Pixelmator for iOS, an application that has a price usual of 4.99 euros, but that can buy by so only 0.99 euros, a spectacular lowers for an of the best applications that can find in the ecosystem iOS to edit our photographs from the iPad or from the iPhone.

Pixelmator is an editor of images that it allows us to create, edit and improve our screenshots. She is designed to mainly use it on your iPad, though it is also compatible with iPhone and iPod touch, although in these models with smaller screens, they are not the most suitable. Pixelmator is regularly updated to try of take advantage of all the new options that Apple offers in each new version of iOS.

We could say that Pixelmator is the Photoshop of Apple mobile devices with which we can in addition to retouch images, draw, paint, apply effects, create compositions easily advanced. It also offers us different templates to apply effects and frames to our pictures, as well as phrases, legends, shadows, fills, paths…

With Pixelmator also can correct wrinkles, breathes scratches of them photographs old, delete objects, change the color of the image (ideal in photographs ancient), adjust the sharpness, the blur, it darkness, eliminate them eyes red… all this making use of layers, what us allows apply the result of it Edition to others images similar besides allow us undo them changes quickly if not us like them results that have retrieved.

Pixelmator (AppStore Link)

UAB Pixelmator Team

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