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Pokémon Duel, the new Pokemon game for iOS comes

Many already you will have forgotten you all the uproar that was mounted around Pokémon Go, one of the first games of the Japanese giant Nintendo, for the world of mobile devices. And it is that this type of game console in our iDevices classics is out less. We played that in our childhood and games that bring us the friendly characters of Pokemon.

As well, comes a new Pokemon, a new game with a different best seller Pokémon Go dynamic, what’s new is Pokemon Duel, a strategy game with which you will spend hours and hours. After the jump we have all the details of this new nice Pokemon game…

That Yes, first of all I will tell you that Pokemon Duel at the moment only available in the App Store of United States, but is expected to be launch in all App Store in the coming days. Pokémon Go play on a Board virtual with the 6 Pokemon that you want to fight with the six Pokemon of our opponents. I.e., we have a Board in the style of chess, by which we can move our Pokemon, once you encounter the Pokemon of our opponents they will fight to continue the journey to the other side of the Board.

That Yes, every Pokemon has different strengths, and each one can give a number of different steps to get to your destination, so you’ll have to use each Pokemon strategically (choose different routes to reach the end of the Board or use them to block the path of other Pokemon). A new game that joins the list of classic console for mobile devices, see when it launches worldwide and if you get the popularity that had last summer Pokémon Go.

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