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The rumors “theatre mode” will also reach Apple Watch

Apple WatchA few weeks ago, Sony Dickson, who has leaked much information about Apple in the past, advanced iOS 10.3 would arrive with a new theater mode. It seems, in his prediction there is already at least one inaccuracy: iOS 10.3 beta 1 did not arrive on January 10, if not the day that came 24. We could also speak of a second inaccuracy, that of the lack of this theater mode, if not because Apple has released what will reach the Apple Watch next watchOS 3.2 and it speaks of something with that exact name.

The next version of the operating system for Apple smart watches, watchOS 3.2 is not yet available for your test, but yesterday published a web with what will come with this version, among which stands out the theatre mode because it coincides with what advanced Dickson and because they say that it is a feature that was introduced with watchOS 3.1.3, a version available since last Monday and which we cannot find the function new/future.

The way theatre of the Apple Watch will be a version of the mode not disturb

Introduced in watchOS 3.1.3, the theatre mode allows users to quickly mute the sound of the Apple Watch and prevent the screen turns to raise their hands. Users will still receive notifications (including physical response) being in theater mode, and be able to see them by touching the screen or by pressing the Digital Crown.

Reading the explanation of Apple, the name of the function and pulling of imagination or logic, we can think that this function in countries like Spain will be called “cinema mode” and it will be in theaters when the function makes sense: we not deslumbraremos anyone to lift the wrist or notification and we won’t miss anything.

It hopes that the cinema mode also comes to the iPhone, but is not yet known how it will be implemented on the Apple phone. In fact, it is not known well how that will work in the Apple Watch, since a new icon may appear in the Control Center that is not available in watchOS 3.1.3, the version that the Cupertino say which introduced the theatre mode or cinema mode. It is likely that the operation on the iPhone is similar to the Apple Watch, but it ceases to have meaning if we take into account that we see films with the iPhone in your pocket. It might make sense to use it in meetings, but would lose it when we remember his name.

In any case, it is now confirmed that the theatre mode (or cinema) will reach Apple Watch with the launch of watchOS 3.2. We have first beta today?

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