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Sonos launches the new PLAYBASE for “sound film” in your home

Sonos has announced the launch of its new product called PLAYBASE, a spectacular sound base specially designed to provide “a sound film for television and streaming music playback”.

According to Sonos, the new altavoz-base of sound, which is available both in black as white, is a fine and powerful speaker that is placed at the bottom of any TV that does not exceed the 35 kilos of weight, provides a simple and quick installation, you can connect to other products of the firm as a SUB and two PLAY:1 , and offers an enhanced sound for programs and television, music and film seriess.

PLAYBASE of Sonos, the cinematic sound in the living room

Sonos PLAYBASE comes in a beautiful and minimalist design in white or black, weighs 8.6 kilograms and has a size 58 × 720 × 380 mm. As I said, the product enters the eyes; with a polycarbonate body and its lines clean without visible joints, the PLAYBASE will join in any home décor, while providing an big improvement in sound quality.

While its height just exceeds the half a centimeter, PLAYBASE featuring ten internal amplified speakers (six frequencies, three acute and serious) “replaced the power of sound limited the integrated speakers of the TV by powerful rumblings, whispers crisp and enormous waves of sound.”

Giles Martin, leader in sound for Sonos experience, has declared in respect of the design of the new product that “we have built a product that can not only handle the complexities of home theater, delivering an open, natural sound, dialogue, clear and a low immersive that fills the room, but also fits perfectly into any home environment.” He challenge with PLAYBASE was keep the wish of that outside beautiful from all those angles, without compromising none of our principles of design, acoustic or engineering. We obsesionábamos us in our approach and decisions, resisting every need to pack something here that it was not necessary and personalized everything else to find the perfect fit, is our finest, most beautiful speaker.”

The PLAYBASE is designed specifically for those TVs that are mounted on brackets or on furniture, instead of on the wall.

Conventional sound bars work best when mounted on the wall, just below the TV. But almost all televisions are mounted on brackets or on furniture. PLAYBASE was designed with this in mind. Thanks to its discrete and elegant design practically disappears underneath your TV. Even so, filled the entire room with a spectacular home theater sound you won’t want to miss.

Movies, sports broadcasts, the television programs, video games… PLAYBASE, with its discreet and elegant design, offers a dynamic and deep sound to what you see on television when it is turned on. But also play your favorite music when you have the TV off.

Your connection is fast and simple since only includes two cables, a power cable and an optical cable that connects to the TV; In addition, connecting to the other speaker Sonos providing a holistic whole-House audio solution. And like the rest of Sonos products, can be used with more than 80 music services, including, obviously, Apple Music.

PLAYBASE makes movies, sports broadcasts, video games and music come alive in a single room. Add more Sonos speakers and listen to the sound of the television in any room.

If you add two PLAY:1 as rear speakers and a SUB Gets a wireless 5.1 surround sound.

Price and availability

Sonos will begin to sell the PLAYBASE the next day, April 4, 2017 at a price that is not suitable for all budgets from 799,00 EUR. As I have already pointed out, it will be available in two finishes, black or white. Today, you can visit the website of Sonos and sign up to be notified when the PLAYBASE is available for purchase.

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