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Sprinkles, new and curious photos of Microsoft app

Don’t know to invent. It is the typical phrase we hear whenever we see new features within the different apps that we use on a daily basis. The photography is one of the sectors that is in constant innovation: stories, new filters… in recent months, is introducing the Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a system that promotes the objectives of these apps.

Microsoft has released Sprinkles, an application that is not very different from what we have in the current panorama: it allows us to take pictures and edit them using phrases, a lot of emoticons… but most interesting of all is the integration with Artificial Intelligence within the app. Ultimately, according to them: to make fun photos.

Artificial Intelligence and editing of photos in a single app: Sprinkles

Sprinkles is a camera with fun ideas. Take a picture and get automatically new ideas, adds clever titles or your own joke. The titles are exclusive to what is in the image, in order to try different themes, such as coffee, food, pets, and selfies. Choose from hundreds of Emojis, stickers and can find even more with a search on the web. New titles and smart tags are added frequently, since the updated fun is the best fun.

In recent years, Microsoft as well as other technology companies have wagered by the IA. They have decided to go for their integration into an application to take pictures. As we can see in the description of the app, Sprinkles allows us to take a picture. Then, the system analyzes the image and edit it “to taste” depending on the situation to determine.

A very simple example: If someone take out a selfie, Sprinkles can add a text on the selfies or mustache to the individual who appears in the photo, all changes have to do with the subject of the picture taken.

Another issue that allows us to make is to edit photos at will including large number of smileys, images, texts, and both texts and images manipulation tools. In addition, integration with Bing, the Microsoft search engine, allows the user to have more graphic content available for editing your photos at a time.

By the time Sprinkles has not reached the App Store Spanish, but in the US App Store now available. Sprinkles, a new app which is attached to the cart started by Snapchat and followed by other services such as Facebook or Instagram.

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