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The Pebble app is updated so that their devices can run indefinitely

Last December, the guys at Fibit if they did against all odds with the firm Pebble, lto first firm that ventured into the world of the smartwatches through a successful Kickstarter campaign. But in recent years we have seen how the company has failed to adapt to the needs of the users and they were betting on screens of ink electronics that they offered very little chance, not only aesthetic but functional. Before his disappearance by full integrated in Fitbit, Pebble has launched what will probably be the last update that will receive your application to manage devices of the company.

As we can read in the blog of Pebble, the company eliminates this update any operation that depended on the services in the cloud, to be sure that when the servers that keep the services offered are not, devices can continue to function without any problems. Also it allows us to update new applications for firmware without having to go through their servidoress like applications.

What’s new with the latest update of the app Pebble

  • The application allows Pebble devices continue to function if the servers are not available. The entry process may be omitted, the applications can be installed manually as well as the latest version of the firmware, including language packs.
  • Removed the option to contact support, even so, you can continue to export diagnostic information, including the health database through the share Diagnostics button.
  • The collection of health data and telemetry services have been eliminated.
  • Also removed the option to suggest further improvements.
  • If we activate the synchronisation with Healthkit within settings, heart rate data are sent directly to the health of iOS application.
  • Fixed the problem that the first day of the week including a Crown, despite having made the corresponding physical activity.
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Pebble Technology Corporation

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