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Support, Apple, now available in Spain

Apple officially presented Support last November. It’s a new user support service through an iOS application that conforms the doubts or complaints from users via iPhone or iPad. At the beginning, the application was only launched in Netherlands. However, now the news is that it is now available for download in Spain free of charge. As we discussed a few months ago, in Apple Support user has useful links to different articles in Help and guides. It also offers access to services such as AppleCare.

The application is available in Spanish, but know the service technical of Apple helps to use the platform in a way much more easy. What did the company directed by Tim Cook was performing an adaptation of your web site’s support to move it to mobile devices. Apple Support is now available in the App Store for free and in Spanish. Apple says in the description of the new Support application that users can communicate instantly with an expert via phone, chat or email, will help them to answer all your questions. In addition, through this new application is also possible to program a support call, when users can talk calmly, or even request a repair in the Apple Store nearest to our location. The application comes to alleviate one of the big shortcomings that had Apple in its assistance service. The different avenues of support that the company put at the disposal of its customers did not include the telematics via application version, but now the problem is solved.

In addition to this new application, Apple device users can establish contact with the company directly from your website or the official Twitter account dedicated to answering technical questions from people.

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