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The Apple website begins to adopt the supply San Francisco

The source or type of letter used in any document, may be a problem or an advantage depending on the use you are going to make it. From the year 2015, Apple has adopted gradually supply San Francisco both on their devices, began with Apple Watch, as in their operating systems. After being practically in all products and devices of the company, he has now had the shift to the web page, which as we can see in the picture that heads this article already it has begun to change, from Myriad to San Francisco, in this way the transition of the entire Apple ecosystem process is finished.

At a glance can be a very subtle change, but this new source allows us to read one more easy texts on the web, especially on devices with smaller screens, thanks to the design of its edges and extra characters between separation. This change is currently available in most of the website of Apple in the United States.

Myriad was font so far Apple was using only on their website, on devices, the source used was Helvetia Nue, which was used in 7, 8 iOS iOS and OS X Yosemite, then from taken San Francisco from iOS 9 and OS X 10.11, versions that came to the market in the year 2015.

The new typography, San Francisco, it is the first source that Apple has designed. It is not the first itself, since in the 1980s it was also designing their own sources, but from the 1990s it began to use sources that it was already created, adapting to it, as it was the case of Helvetia Nue.

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