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Support Slim of Satechi, an elegant stand for iMac or MacBook

In the market we find lots of docks and stands for Mac computers. Them there for all them tastes and today I want to talk of one that, personally, I has similar of them more beautiful that can find currently in them stores.

Is is of the support slim of Satechi, a brand that is has gone gaining a good reputation as a manufacturer of accessories for products Apple.

Soporte Satechi Slim en color Space Gray

The stand perfect for MacBook and iMac is of Satechi

In this case it’s a simple and support with a look that fits very well with the iMac or Apple MacBook. He support is manufactured in aluminum and available in them four colors of Apple (grey space, gold, gold pink and silver) and meets two functions: on the one hand raise slightly the screen of our computer and, to the same time, allow us save things under the computer.

It is, therefore, a perfect support to put some order into our desktop and make our days of working behind the computer a little more pleasant and productive (we must not forget that you have a nice and tidy work space helps us to be more productive).

He hollow that is low the support not is too large, but sufficient for save different elements as we can see in the video of presentation of the accessory.

As we can see in the video, it is the size just to keep the keyboard and mouse and get clear the table to work with paper or supporting anything else. It is also enough space to place a MacBook at the bottom if I work with an external display placed on the top of the bracket or, of course, we can use it to keep notebooks, books or any other element that bother us in the desktop.

Support Satechi slim It has dimensions of 40 x 21 x 4.3 cm and weighs 1.1 Kg. Measures quite compact, but as we have seen enough to place on its surface an iMac, MacBook or any other laptop or computer monitor.

The support is available in stores online as Macnificos or Amazon.

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