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The truth about the ‘exclusive’ release of Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run was presented during the Conference of Apple, what got let us at all with the mouth open. At the time of show us the game, had to well comment us that the launch would be exclusive of iOS during a time, this time not come to them six months, certainly some. However, although all may seem a wink to those users of Apple, the reality is much more dark that that. Nintendo knew that the only way to get some money to a mobile game such was squeezing the iOS user, and this is how it has been. Are going to analyze why Nintendo launches in “exclusive” Super Mario Run for iOS and what was with this.

To understand the why, first we must analyse the market of applications mobile. On the one hand have iOS App Store, a market where the user is “accustomed” to pay by them applications, with a quantity of income that exceeds with grow to it of any store of software, the sky of them developers. On the other hand we have Google Play, apps marketplace full of advertising, applications of dubious morality and in-App purchases, el Android-user has to a single click can hack an application and save money.

The strategy, based on this is logical. If launched in “exclusive” the videogame in iOS, are going to make us a series of shopping that hard are going to get if launched the video game of form simultaneous, since the game goes to be pirated in mass for Android and them users of iOS van to think (and with reason) that not deserves the penalty spend is 9.99€. In this way, can launch the game “exclusively” for iOS, fuelling the goose that lays the golden eggs and later reach Android to take the coins that is.

Has been things the method that Miyamoto has used to go strong in the market of the videogame mobile. But it appears that iOS user is not so silly as he thought, and that according to analysts, only 3% of discharges from Super Mario Run turned into shopping, leaving in evidence the quality of the video game are you agree with me? Leave us your opinion in the case of comments or via Twitter.

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