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Touch of Life: School, free for a limited time

The coming week begins Holy week and our children will spend two weeks holiday, a holiday that can be eternal if we fail our children are entertained as long as possible. Touch mouth kids want us to help in this regard and for limited time offer the possibility of downloading the application plays mouth: School, an application in which children will have to teach a class, choose a locker, participate in a food in the cafeteria. Touch mouth: School has a regular price of 2.99 euros but for a limited time you can download it for free.

Characteristics of touch Life: School

  • Five locations to explore: House, cafeteria, school, youth club and patio building.
  • 34 characters that interact to play and have fun and different sets to wear.
  • Discover the school building with different themes for the ticket office, an office and a classroom that includes a laboratory for experiments
  • Performs the maintenance of installations by placing sprinkler fire-fighting and fire extinguisher use
  • Learn to play the keytar and creates a music band in the youth club.
  • Play sports or encouraged a party in the courtyard of the school team.
  • Throws stink bombs, chewing gum…
  • Creates a war of food in the cafeteria wiping everything you stain then.
  • You can record your stories in the application and share them with your friends
  • No limit of time or score: play all you want
  • No ads from third parties or purchases within the application.

Touch mouth: School is fully translated into the Spanish, occupies more than 300 MB and computer designed for children 6-8 years. Requires IOS 6 or higher to install and is compatible from iPhone 4 to the latest models of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Toca Life: School (AppStore Link)
Touch of Life: School

Touch mouth AB

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