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Twitter updates by adding a new section: explore

In recent years, Twitter revenues have stagnated, as well as the number of users, number that is still growing for several years. Since the arrival of Jack Dorsey as head of the company, it should be recalled that it was one of the founders of Twitter, the company has been adding a number of functions, functions that in the majority of cases are getting that users of the application will not abandon it, but not getting to enter new. Aside from the problems of the company, the microbloggin network has just released a new update of its application, update that offers us a new tab at the bottom of the application: explore.

This new tab will allow us to access more quickly and without having to carry out searches to most popular current topics, which in turn we can perform searches to fine-tune the content we are looking for more. But in addition also provides us access to the moments, which are available in the social network a few months ago. Thanks to the explore section, we will be able to paste a look quickly to what is news, to moments of people who follow, to videos that are broadcast live, to trends, the most commonly used hashtags…

With this update Twitter says that wants to improve the operation of the application for with so only by pressing a button, can access to the content more relevant that is has hung in the network social in them last hours, but is clear that not is the only reason of this new function. Twitter wants to get more users are interested in your social network and this is adding every month new functions, primarily intended for users who still have not decided to open an account to do it once. At the moment this new update is coming to more countries, so if it has still not reached you will do so shortly.

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