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Twitter user names are not already discounted 140 characters

The microblogging Twitter social network has become one of the tools used by many users due to the ease and speed with which we can share information. Unfortunately the number of Twitter users still stuck on 300-something million of users, figures that the latest data have begun to increase although very timidly. Arrival of Jack Dorsey, co-founder of the company, has meant a real revolution in terms of new functions, which at the moment are being very well received by current users but fail to capture the interest of others.

A few months ago, videos and pictures already do not have the total number of available characters, allowing to express ourselves with the maximum number of them without seeing us limited to add images or videos. But so far, user names that we added to a tweet understated the total of 140, limiting the intervention of more users as well as reduce the content that we could express. But thanks to the latest update, Twitter has removed the names of the users of the total number of characters, so we could say that they have been expanded.

Of time contact Tweets of the total number of characters here are links that are published in the tweets, something which at the moment does not seem seems to go to delete. Twitter wants to add more attention in threaded conversations, which are the main purpose of this social network and allows us to be informed at all times with very few words that usually go to a link for further information shown in the tweet. This new feature is available for users of the web version and all those users that make use of the official app for iOS.

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