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We will have new iPad, but they will not come until may or June


It is very common that the guys at Cupertino surprised us, if it is that they can surprise us, with a Keynote in the month of March or April, presentations that are usually done after concluding the MWC which by the way will take place the week coming in the city of Barcelona. In the end everything is competition, all companies interested to be on everyone’s lips and Apple comes very well introduce new products after seeing everything that has presented its competition at the most important fair of mobile devices in the world.

And it is precisely in this Keynote in which we tend to see the new iPads, the new Tablet from Apple that want to forget our laptops, running the risk of auto attack, as if the iPad is the new laptop, what happens with the MacBook? Returning to the topic he talked, expected a sending of invitations in the coming weeks for a Keynote in the month of March, a Keynote in which everything suggests that we will see new iPads, although that Yes, as starts to comment, we can not enjoy them until next may or June…

And this has just published the medium DigiTimes, technology experts. According to them we will see new iPads of 10.5 and 12.9 inches, new iPads Pro, and who knows if we will see a renewal of the iPads Mini. But yes, now we are told that we can not have them in our homes until may or June as soon. Everything seems to be caused by production problems, ultimately periods which have to develop new products, test them, present them, and sell them, are ever shorter and is very difficult to carry out all these processes in short periods of time.

So you know, soon we will see the new iPads, I think that little be surprised at the level of design… That still more will be fine and with smaller frames, but certainly all innovations see them internally with features to make us forget, a little more of the heavy portable.

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