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WhatsApp will add the possibility to make payments between users

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And it is that this is what comes out of a middle of the India after several meetings that have remained between the Prime Minister of the country and one of the creators of WhatsApp, Brian Acton. It seems that in addition to the option of sending messages, the application which is now in possession of Facebook has plans to Add the ability to make payments between users. In this country it is true that not all users have the possibility of bank credit card and this alternative using the messaging application that currently has more than 200 million active users in the country, would be a very good alternative for them.

Obviously this news fails us again and it is that these negotiations have time prowling the environment of the country and of the own WhatsApp, but now is when all are already warning that ldate that could begin to enjoy this service is 6 months view. Which means that the ropes are already practically tied and as well The Ken advises the Indian environment, everything is already practically ready to start working with UPI, a banking platform created by the Government that will facilitate payments between different banks in the country and users.

So in addition to allow sending messages to users in the country, now is expected to this application make small payments among users to facilitate this procedure between them on a platform that reaches the majority of the population. What is not so clear is whether this service will be to expand beyond the country and more taking into account that there are similar services that obviously have more long established among us. So that in addition to the emoji that we will see this summer around the world appear, soon we will see how some users can make payments with WhatsApp.

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