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YouTube already surpasses the traditional TV, the future is here

Let’s start with the dish fat this news that come as no surprise to the youngest but that could leave with their mouths open to those who take quite some time on this internet. And is that the latest data YouTube is the leader in broadcast, users from around the world enjoy more than one million hours of content a day. Without a doubt, this increasingly popular platform has become a benchmark among young audiences, especially because they choose what they see, when what they see and how they see it. Current television standards are falling pretty outdated and on-demand content happens to be a priority.

We were always talking the day in humorous terms in internet runs out to dominate traditional televisions, and that day unfortunately already has arrived. In fact I correct my previous sentence, it is not regrettable that on-demand content is impersonating classic television, rather it is a fortune. The spectator chooses what they want to see and is no longer left to dominate by the mass media or by the garbage content, at least if consumed low-quality content, user is now that chooses it.

In this way, The Wall Street Journal warns that it is the YouTube era, and because of its success to the artificial intelligence who cares show us what we want to see chord with our tastes. Nothing’s wrong with that Google will take everything you know of us (which is a lot) to offer a better entertainment. In this way, YouTube is nothing less than 400 hours of video at the time, receiving the equivalent approximately 65 years of video every day. Don’t be surprised, YouTube is the television of the future, and it has more channels than ever before.

YouTube - ve y comparte vídeos y música (AppStore Link)
YouTube – see and share videos and music

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