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Telstra offers 50% discount for 3 months

Telstra has entered in the segment of the combined rates covering your mobile, fixed and internet House, offering fiber up to 300MB or conventional ADSL 50MB for those who do not need much. Its myriad rate for mobile phone with 25GB of data available for use wherever you want now we can add very competitive prices on the internet from our House, and this week we will also have up to 50% discount on the rate of mobile three months to hire any of their services.

The offer will only be available this week and will be applied in the next three invoices that reach you with a tasty discount of 50% on the product that you purchase mobile phone, even acquiring a terminal with them. As practical example the host with 25 GB of data rate and you will leave you unlimited calls for only €16 for 3 months and you get Huawei P9 Lite for only € 1 a month more for 24 months (€24 in total). If you prefer an iPhone 32 GB 7 c get it with this rate £ 22 per month for 24 months with a final payment of € 119.

To get this discount on the rates of mobile only you have to access the Telstra website from this link and hire the product you want. As you can see in the information of each rate discount will be shown you applied, no trap or carton. Take advantage because you can only get it this week, so if you had doubts about their worth to change operator, don’t think about it much because the offer will end soon. This offer is valid for both portability as for new, numbers or prepaid contract card changes.

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