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All roads lead to Snapchat: now it is the turn of Facebook

Snapchat revolutionized the sector of entertainment and social networks. Many are those who say that apps like Instagram or WhatsApp plagiarized the basis of Snapchat, and there is no doubt that similarities between apps are plenty. If we analyze these applications we arrive at a common denominator: Facebook. But a few weeks ago, the social networking giant went a step further and integrated a kind of Snapchat in your application.

The social network of Mark Zuckerberg is supported in innovation and trying to discover new ways more attractive and simple to share things with friends. Each time is clearer: all roads lead to Snapchat.

And Yes, Facebook seems more and more like a vitamin-enriched Snapchat

We who are not to judge each company strategies, but if we are able to see which functions are between different tools. The video that you have on the top of these lines is published by Facebook that announced their new camera within the application, a set of new features that allow users to capture images and videos easily (and similar to other apps like Instagram and Snapchat).

Uproar was formed on Twitter after the release of the Facebook Stories (is not the official name of the social network, but if baptized by the tweeters) and last external to the social network data indicate that these stories are not being widely used among the more than 1000 million users. The new camera, available for Android and iOS, allows to apply live filters, share images with all the users by means of stories.

But the most important thing is the ease of sharing multimedia content between users. The launch of a lot of small details from Facebook makes the social Web experience increasingly better. And, finally, it must be emphasized that Mark Zuckerberg’s have made campaigns along with films such as Gru 3, guardians of the Galaxy 2 or the new film of the Smurfs, offering promotional filters.

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