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Already you will not lose the warranty on your iPhone to change the screen on any SAT

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One of the main problems of going to a “not authorized” service is the use of elements that do not come from the manufacturers contracted with Apple. However, it seems that the fear of any user, screen break, could receive an important shift. And is that Apple begins to adopt a new policy of guarantees, and not lose it by reinstalling a screen from an unauthorized provider. At least not completely, but like everything, this new news warranty has its small print, and we are going to take a more general look to the topic.

This information came to the internet in the hands of MacRumors and they have confirmed it. Apple already not is overriding full guarantee of those devices Apple iPhone that I changed the screen to break and installed them a screen from a provider not authorized or recognized by Apple. In this case, Apple will keep the remainder of the warranty on the components not affected by the device.

However, apparently on practice Apple SAT detected that the installed display is not official, and you will notice that you will have to change the display by an officer in your own satellite if you want access to continue to enjoy the guarantee of other components. A practical example: You break the screen, and you are going to a non-authorized SAT that installed you a display of unknown origin. A few months later, still in warranty, it begins to fail your iPhone WiFi antenna and go to an Apple Store to get it repaired under warranty. In this case the technician will remind you that the display is mounted is not official and you will have to pay an official Apple screen repair if you want service to accept in terms of warranty the repair of your WiFi antenna.

An important step, especially for those who live far from an Apple Store and not can enjoy their near-instant service.

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