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The United States Supreme Court will decide on the famous “Slide to unlock”

Reabren la demanda de Apple contra Samsung por copiar el diseño del iPhone

We return with a theme that many years has been hovering around the news of technology blogs, not talking about another of the famous clash between Apple and Samsung for the unlock method. Interestingly we are talking about a method that introduced Steve Jobs as a real novelty, but that Apple has scrapped completely in iOS 10. In short, between strips and removal, sentences ending not convince any of the parts, and hundreds of accusations between the two companies, today we have the news that this issue will come to the Supreme Court of the United States of America.

It was on March 29 last year when Samsung raised the request to the mentioned organ that revise earlier statements on the matter. The Court of appeal for the Circuit Federal in United States of America made the decision last October that Samsung should pay Apple around $ 120 million by the violation of this patent and that corresponding to the system’s detection of the country of the call. As you know, when we receive a call international on our iPhone, we can see under the number the country to which he belongs, without having to dip into the list of prefixes.

This is just one of the many pending cases between Apple and Samsung, they have some fetish in saturating the major courts in the country. However, it seems less curious to go to rise to the Supreme Court the matter just a few months once Apple had decided to get rid of this unlock method, which we sincerely loved many, and which forces users who lack TouchID to perform an unnecessary touch the Home button. In short, one more chapter to add to the file between Samsung and Apple claims that seem not to ever end.

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