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Apple is removing applications developed in Iran from the App Store

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As they are telling some developers, Apple has begun to limit some developers applications created by Iranians. According to Techrasa, Apple removed a few days ago the application Digikala, Iran largest e-commerce platform. As was of wait, especially when is is of remove applications, them guys of Cupertino claim that is have seen forced by that breach the laws international of trade.

It should take into account Apple offered access to the App Store to Iran 4 months ago, from September 2016. With almost half of the population using smartphone, close to 80 million people population, iPhone has become one of the devices most desired by the youth of the country, is today the only way to be able to get it through smuggling.

Currently Iran not using an own app store, forcing developers to hang their applications at stores in other countries. The application of e-commerce Digikala, uses a payment system called Shaparak, not provided for in international law but that does not contradict with the conditions and terms of service for developers. However, the application has been withdrawn to avoid problems with the Government of the country.

From this moment, whenever any developer of Iran wants to upload a new application to the App Store, the web site will show you the following message:

Unfortunately, we dont have an App Store available in Iranian territory. In addition, applications that allow you to transact business or banking institutions located in Iranian territory can not compliant with the regulatory law of Iranian transactions when they are hosted in the App store. For these reasons, no can accept applications of this type currently. Please you seek approval of your application, once the international laws allow this functionality.

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