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Apple publishes two new ads promoting the possibilities of the iPad Pro

In recent weeks we have seen how Apple is presenting special attention the iPad Pro in its different forms, either the 12.9 inch model or 9.7 along with Apple Pencil model. Days ago I have shown different ads in which we saw as Apple continues to show us the iPad Pro as the ideal replacement for a laptop, rather questionable according to the use we make of our computer. It has also shown us thanks to this device any printer don’t have already that we can sign the files in PDF format, sign, and return to send them by email. This time Apple shows iPad Pro to take notes and possibilities as it is the ideal substitute for many elements of our desktop.

In this first video we can see how together with the Apple Pencil, the iPad Pro is the best device to take notes if you are a student. Also thanks to the possibility of making audio recordings, it is possible to take due account of the classes that we assist without that nothing at all, to escape us while unemployed the latter can find apps for the iPad that allows us to take notes while listening to the recordings.

In this second video we see as the iPad Pro is the ideal replacement for many of the routine of our desktop elements, such as a laptop, thanks to the keyboard with which we can write as if it were a computer or the scanner, thanks to the built-in camera, and third-party applications although the latter does not mention it.

If we do cases of rumors, the next iPad Pro could occur this month and would do so with a new size 10.5-inch screen, with a display that would go from edge to edge of the device while keeping the same size currently offered us the iPad of 9.7-inch Pro.

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