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Apple wants developers to take advantage of the reviews in iOS 10.3 API

As we have already said here, Apple is promoting between the developed a new API that arrived with the first beta of iOS 10.3. We refer, as it could not be otherwise, the pop-up for reviews that will allow us to easily qualify an application without having to go to the iOS App Store. In this way, Apple aims to obtain reviews of higher quality, and of course more of them because of the ease of including them. For this reason, Apple wants to promote this new functionality between developers, and this is the initiative that we are taking to force them to do so.

As you know, almost all applications we are asked at least once if you want to score your application, so open a pop-up in full implementation. If we are in agreement and we want to rate it, we will accept and you will lead us directly to the iOS App Store, something quite cumbersome and makes us decide by not rate them. I myself, being sincere, usually prefer to communicate by here or via Twitter to our readers that an application is good, but give me a lazy important go to the App Store to score it.

However, Apple has found the perfect way to force users to use the new API. Therefore it is asking developers to use the new API if they intend to include a pop-up for the reviews. But why? Because because among other things, the new API includes a section on adjustments that will allow us to turn it off completely, i.e. If we deactivate the option, we will be able to never show us this request to rate applications.

This is just one of the many new features that iOS 10.3 brings up his sleeve, but the reality is that we hope that they are implementing something more interesting. However, almost we could already have an eye on iOS 11 that would come in the middle of year at WWDC and that we will try for you.

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