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Confirms the intention of Apple to open a second Apple Store Mexico

From September 24, our Mexican readers enjoy their own Apple Store, an Apple Store that is located in the commercial center of Santa Fe. Shortly before his inauguration began circulating rumours related to the future plans of the company with headquarters in Cupertino in the country, but since little or nothing had known in this respect, at least until now.

According to information posted by AppleInsider, citing sources related to the project, Apple would be negotiating the possibility of renting a two-story space in the Antara Fashion Mall, a location that was previously occupied by the firm Crate & Barrel.

This new location is twice the size of that which at present Apple offers to its users at the mall Santa Fe. The design this new Apple Store would be very similar to that we can currently find in the World Trade Center in New York, a store that is open to the public since last August.

The Antara Fashion Mall opened to the public in 2006 and has dimensions of half a million square feet, 3 floors with shops, restaurants and cinemas. This shopping centre is situated in the Avenida Presidente Masaryk, one of the most important luxury areas of the city.

At the moment, the guys at Apple Insider does not have could ascertain when their opening is planned, but taking into account that the first Apple Store in the country opened its doors last September, it is likely that Apple take it very easy, something to which we are accustomed unfortunately to open new stores.

Mexico not the only country that Apple Stores will be in the new years, since according to Apple Insider, Brazil will also open new shops of the company, one of them in Sao Paulo, thus expanding the number of stores of the two that are currently open.

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