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Google Voice is redesigning its applications including iOS updated

Was in the year 2009, when Google is dared to launch an ambitious project focused in the world of the telephony to the use, a service with which their users could keep a same number (of phone) through any device that used, and in any part of the world. It was called: Google Voice.

A service that is not very famous on this side of the ocean, but that in United States it is used with some frequency. Now they update it, and updated it with some that another interesting novelty as its redesign, Yes, also the redesign comes to iOS…

Before continuing with the theme of the redesign of Google Voice for iOS, I will tell you that at the moment we can only download Google Voice for iOS from the App Store of United Statesthat Yes, always can get a free account to download such applications from another App Store different than usual. And this, because Google Voice for iOS will allow us to send SMS and make calls international prices from United States, all through our Google account.

Google Voice for iOS is just redesign such and as you say, in this case makes it a new Inbox that have separate text messages, calls, and our voice mail messages. All this with a major Spam filter, goodbye to commercial calls, and support of Spanish transcription of messages in the voice mailbox.

The update just of be released for Gooigle Voice Android, in the Google Play Store, and according to comment them guys of Google, it will launch in some days, would Thursday?, in the App Store of Apple. A great upgrade that make Google Voice to modernize it and turns to the height of large messaging applications.

The application is no longer available in the App Store

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