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How to use the AirPods when we were without internet on the iPhone

What if we stay without a network connection when using the AirPods? do can change the song, increase or decrease the volume without Siri? The answer in these cases is that not passes absolutely nothing if we were left without a safety net and Yes you can change song, upload or decrease the volume of the AirPods.

In cases where we are left without the option to ask the Siri Assistant to perform the actions of change of song and raise or lower the volume of the AirPods for lack of Internet connection, we can use the voice Control, which is something that we have in the iPhone since a long time ago and that is within the menu of accessibility of all Apple devices.

What steps follow when we were without network and the AirPods posts

The steps are simple, well. As say to the home of this article it first is change the option to not is run Siri since this need Internet to work, so enter from our iPhone in settings > General > accessibility > button of Home > Control by voice. You can directly select the voice Control or Siri, but also you can disable both.

Of this form what have is the possibility of control our headphones Bluetooth of Apple without need of being connected to the network. In principle the best is to have the active Wizard to perform these tasks, but it is possible that sometimes we do not have coverage for any reason and with this accessibility option can solve it calmly.

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