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iMazing, the best alternative to iTunes to manage iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch (iOS devices)

iTunes started out as a software to reproduce, manage and buying music, but with the passage of time has become a beast that also serves to buy music, ringtones, podcast, series, movies, etc, etc… All this has done to become a complete programme, but also very heavy and limited due to restrictions that Apple applies to defend the interests of companies selling their content through digital stores (inability to move music from an iOS device to your computer, synchronizing with a single computer, etc, etc…).

This has made many people who, literally, hate iTunes. If you are among them who’ll tell you then you are interested in, since I am speaking of iMazing, possibly the best alternative to iTunes that exists on the market to manage devices iOS (iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch) from Mac or Windows.

iMazing, la mejor alternativa a iTunes

iMazing, the best option to manage iOS devices without going through iTunes

Would you like to be able to quickly move your photos from an iPhone to an iPad? Maybe move songs from a folder of any computer to your iPod Touch without having to delete the music you already have? This is possible with iMazing, but in addition it is also possible to manage books, messages, contacts, apps, notes, voice notes, the status of the battery and even access the iOS file system. All this with a simple interface, clear and which goes straight to the point.

One of the big advantages of iMazing is the option to transfer to another device. Thanks to this function, it is very easy to change smartphone or tablet. Just connect both devices to the computer, run the application and press a button. The transfer process is automatic and takes more or less time depending on the amount of information you need to migrate.

Transferir entre dispositivos iOS con iMazing

In addition to this, the program can also make backup copies of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch; and also work on backups made with iTunes. Thanks to the latter, you can iMazing extract photos, contacts, videos or any other content from an old backup, something impossible with iTunes without restore the backup on an iOS device.

iMazing is capable of managing devices via the USB cable, connecting them directly to your computer and wirelessly (using to configure this option, it is necessary to connect the device cable first).

Consola iPhone desde iMazing

It also has some Advanced features such as the ability to view the device console (where are the processes that will be running the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch mode text) or the possibility to export data without processing that they can be used for forensic analysis or research of high technical level.

Download iMazing for Mac or Windows

As I said at the beginning, iMazing is available for Mac computers with macOS 10.8 or higher and for PCs with Windows 7 or higher. In both cases, it is compatible with iPhone, iPad and also with iPod Touch and its mode of use is very similar on both platforms.

iMazing para Mac y Windows

Software can be downloaded for free, but to take advantage of all its features, it is necessary to purchase a license through its official website.

Are you tired of iTunes and want an alternative that will allow you to manage your agile, comfortable and fast way to iOS devices? The answer to these needs is iMazing and now you know many of its features.

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