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It analyzes your sleep from the Apple Watch with AutoSleep

Many of you will have an Apple Watch, Apple wearable, a device that initially disappointed many of the shortcomings that had a level of software, that Yes, the guys at Cupertino have realized this and are gradually updating the firmware from Apple Watch to provide new features, something that we have seen recently with the new mode cinema that will add the next watchOS 3.2.

But there is something that Apple has not added and demanded by many, something that we all want to have it seen before in other wearables as bracelets or watches: the analysis (or tracking) of our dream… That Yes, there are a multitude of applications that, in one way or another, manage to make this analysis through our Apple Watch. Today we bring you one of the more interesting, there are many options but unlike any this does it automatically, we present AutoSleep, an app that will analyze the dream with your Apple Watch or your iPhone in a completely automatic way…

The best thing is that, to AutoSleep does not require our intervention, the app will use our Apple Watch to track our dream and give us a report on the quality of the same, it will tell us the time that we have been awake, and heart rate we have had during our sleep. If don’t want to wear your Apple Watch all night, can stop it loading while you sleep and get it when you wake so the app knows automatically while you’ve been sleeping, something that also trackeara thanks to your iPhone.

As I have already told you, I’ve been testing it for a few days, and the truth is that works pretty well, it is priced at € 2.99 which you just check back, but the truth is that If you are looking for an application to track and analyze your it pretty well does it and the best thing is that it does not imply you an added cost of battery , something that in the end we have to bear in mind. In addition, yesterday upgraded AutoSleep to the version 3.0 adding many improvements in the design of the application, and new languages among which there is the Spanish.

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