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Substrate Safe Mode is updated by introducing improvements to the Yalu

Actualizacion Substrate Safe ModeAs usual in the French developer, Saurik does not sleep and yesterday launched an update to the package Substrate Safe Mode, a new version which is now available in the store of applications and software not supported by Apple and that will probably improve the safety and operation of safe mode on devices that run iOS 10 and have done the jailbreak with the latest tool available that is, with Luca Todesco Yalu Jailbreak.

The new update arrives with the number 0.9.6000 and can already be installed accessing changes tab in Cydia Once have been updated or refreshed repositories. According to Saurik, enter safe mode once installed this new version we will see the same dialog box that will make us know that we have entered into safe mode that we already saw in previous versions and from which we will be able restart to exit that mode after the springboard is a problem requiring him to enter it.

The new version of Substrate Safe Mode only works with the latest versions of Yalu jailbreak

It must be taken into account that this new version of Substrate Safe Mode only works in the latest versions of Yalu Jailbreak, i.e. in a beta 6 or a beta 7 which are already considered to be “as stable as they can be” according to Luca Todesco, the hacker who became famous for putting us long teeth showing us what they could do and that since the last month is gaining popularity by doing what everyone expected of him.

Saurik warns that if we try to use the function “Reset” in an earlier version of the jailbreak, the only thing that we will be blocking the device. If because that is what we have done, the best thing we can do to see how our iPhone screen freezes is to force a reboot: rest button + Home button (volume down on iPhone 7/Plus) until you see the Apple.

In any case, while it is true that Todesco tool does not seem much that threw up to iOS 9.3.3, we cannot deny that he is improving with the passage of time.

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