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The implementation of EMT Madrid gives change that everyone expected

It is true that we have third-party applications to move through the city really good here same you have made some other collection. However, service providers often offer more exact information concerning routes. An example is the application of the EMT Madrid, offers without a doubt the best metrics in terms of the time that is left in the bus to get to your stop, however, its development was being outdated and inefficient. During last Friday, EMT has updated its application of buses, we have been testing it and the improvements are noticeable enough. Let’s see what is this new update of which you speak.

The first and most important news is that finally we have application for the Apple Watch, this mode can improve the way in which we move in transit, now if we connect to WiFi that offer buses of Madrid (Incidentally, impoverished), will be synchronized with the device and will let us know when we have to get off at the next stop , and thus never again lose the bus.

  • Whenever we add news in our application you will see it when you start it at a glance.
  • Knows where buses are found on the map from the detail of a line.
  • When I’ll get to my destination? Displays the estimated time of arrival of buses at a particular stop, from your current stop or any point.
  • New feature let me know!, from the new menu option let me know, when you’re traveling on the bus connected to your WiFi, you will see the time of arrival at a particular stop and if you select your stop will notify you before so you go down
  • Save your favourite routes.
  • In addition to all this, you have your application available also for Apple Watch.

The part that most caught us attention is the “Notify me”, this mode can be aware, as I have said, where we have to get off. Other functions could say that they were already present, but they have improved them so that they work more efficiently. Finally have information on the Apple Watch, now already just need that we can introduce our card details and pay with Apple Pay.

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