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Users opt for the USB-C on the iPad clearly

Roughly differences between the USB-C and the Lightning connector are clearly negligible. However, Apple refuses to leave a cable which popularized in 2012 and that remains in their latest devices. However, where you might have it included, and has not done so, it has been in the editions of the MacBook has been released. The people have spoken, the users choose USB – c as the standard for iOS devices cable both the iPad as iPhone. However, knowing Apple it is difficult that we will see this in the near future.

The popular Apple-themed portal 9To5Mac has conducted a survey among its millions of readers and they have come to several quite interesting conclusions. And it is that readers think that Apple should change the Lightning to the USB-C in their next generation of iPad. It is not there, 39% of users specified that Apple should only include the USB-C on the iPad, but the remaining 35% think it should take a bigger step and take this so multi-faceted connector also its ship logo, the iPhone.

Meanwhile, one-quarter of the readers are still determined to use the Lightning. We are not going to deny that this cable has both accompanied us is good, but just think for a moment on the heap of things we could do with our iPhone with a USB-C cable, plug it to universal Chargers, to any adapted TV…

Ultimately, all of this comes after the rumors that Apple will launch a new iPad of 10.5 inches in the middle of this year, a new iPad that would eliminate some of the already present in the range, imagine that the iPad Mini will be the large handicapped this new presence in the catalogue of the company from Cupertino.

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